Young Water Professionals (YWP) Program towards Myanmar Water Academy

The YWP Program is a flagship capacity building program of the National Water Resources Committee (NWRC). The National Water Resources Committee (NWRC) is an APEX body in Myanmar’s Water Sector, chaired by the Vice President of Myanmar. The NWRC has three pillars, namely; the Secretariat, the Advisory Group (AG) and the Hydro-Informatics Centre (HIC). The NWRC and AG are working on the long-term plan of producing competent young water professionals through HIC supported by the AG. The vision is for long-term water security and sustainability to achieve Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. It is very important to groom young water professionals for the implementation of the Integrated Water Resources Management in Myanmar.

YWP program is established for the purpose of capacity building, critical thinking and teamwork between young people, government officers and with society. YWP program is an eleven-month long program, in which young graduates of Myanmar who have ambition to become water professionals and government staff from various water related Ministries receive well defined technical and on job training through the Ayeyarwady Integrated River Basin Management (AIRBM) Project. They receive mentoring, coaching and training in various technical, social, economic, political and decision-making aspects of water projects. YWP trainees are recruited across Myanmar and their trainings include lectures, seminars and field trips locally and abroad. Trainers include internationally well-known water professionals from all over the world and from Myanmar. Members of Advisory Group of the National Water Resources Committee who are the most experienced water professionals of Myanmar also give lectures to YWPs.

There is also an important task to implement the national Water Policy and the Water Law. The Young Water Professional Program is a means to achieve this vision. HIC is responsible for the YWP program, supported by the Government of Australia (through the Australian Water Partnership) and the Government of Netherlands. Water Aid Myanmar provides oversight of the YWP program financial management.

  • To study the technologies related to the water application and other exercises for improving workability performance and self-study for developing critical thinking, self-discipline and team work.
  • To attend meetings, seminars and consultations to understand the current news, conditions, developments, crisis and integrations of national and international.
  • To attend the local and international technical training sections, workshops, short classes held by both experts from local and international, follow their lectures; make discussions and re-practicing all the exercises.
Information of YWPs Program
  • First Batch (6th Apr, 2015 to 24th Dec, 2015)
  • Second Batch (13rd June, 2016 to 31st May, 2017)
  • Third Batch (3rd July, 2017 to 31st May, 2018)
  • Fourth Batch (2nd July 2018 to 30th May 2019)
  • Fifth Batch (1st July to present)
  • 80 YWPs have been trained from 2015 to now
Capacity Building Modality Chart

Activities of Young Water Professionals

Field Trip to Yezin Agricultural University
YWP 1st Batch
Experience sharing, debate and group discussion by Ministry Officers and YWPs YWP 1st Batch
Poster Competition YWP 1st Batch
Field Trip to HAII, Bangkok Thailand YWP 2nd Batch
Field Trip to Nyaung Wine Village to study Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) YWP 2nd Batch
Excursion to Pyithu Hluttaw, Nay Pyi Taw YWP 2nd Batch
Field Trip to Moyungyi Wildlife Sanctuary YWP 3rd Batch
Water Sampling in Shwe Kyin Creek YWP 3rd Batch
Greater Mekong Forum on Water, Food and Energy 2017 YWP 3rd Batch
Field visit to Nyaungdon - Flood Risk Management Course YWP 4th Batch
International River Symposium (2018), Australia YWP 4th Batch
GIS Training YWP 4th Batch
Drone Training YWP 5th Batch
Future Dam Training YWP 5th Batch
International River Symposium (2019), Australia YWP 5th Batch
World Water Day 2017 YWP 2nd Batch
World Water Day 2018 YWP 3rd Batch
World Water Day 2019 YWP 4th Batch